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Mission Statement


Welcome to Kingwood Youth Lacrosse!

Our mission is to teach our players to Honor the Game through the "ROOTS" approach. 
Respect for: Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, Self.


The Kingwood Youth Lacrosse program offers something for every boy and girl interested in playing lacrosse.  Boys lacrosse programs run from K-8th grade in the spring and fall. Girls lacrosse programs run from 2nd-8th in the spring and 3rd-8th in the fall.  

For more information about programs for each age group, click the Boys Home Page or the Girls Home Page.


Boys Spring 2018 Registration is Live!
Program will consist of K-1st Teams, 2nd-4th Teams, and 5/6th and 7/8th Teams
K-4th Grade Registration click HERE
5-8th Grade Registration click HERE


2nd-4th Grade           REGISTER HERE

5th-6th Grade            REGISTER HERE

7th-8th Grade            REGISTER HERE


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